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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering, information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy


Reading Client: I have done a lot of research on aliens and I feel very strongly that we have had contact. If that is so then what happens if contact becomes an issue that is worldwide and we actually have the aliens from off world…here on earth? Are there really aliens in our skies?

Friend on phone reading with Client: You have been coming to me for readings for a few years now. During that time there have been many things that I had helped you create along your path. At the time those things were first brought forth you would reject them, as impossible and yet…they have come into reality. You have worked with me on many of these issues and through the years you have become stronger and stronger in bringing your desires into reality. Is that not so?

Reading Client: Yes, I have had some amazing stuff come out of my readings. Like the time you told me I would go to Italy and I could not imagine my self leaving the country at all or traveling on a plane that far away. Then two months later, my boss comes strolling into my office and tells me he needs me to take a part to Italy. Escort a part for a plane, on a plane…it was quite the treat. I will never forget that prediction since it was really not something I would even give a thought to, let alone work on bringing it into reality. As you say…why?

Friend on phone reading with Client: Well you see, in your mind it could never happen. It was far away from your needs in life and so you had no reason to believe that my words would come into your life as reality, not just another prophecy. But it did happen and happened fast and you enjoyed the experience. So if you take that small idea and expand it into believing that there is nothing anywhere and on any subject that can not come into your reality. Nothing. It’s a big thought pattern to adhere to, but to be a student of metaphysics you have to learn that saying the Universe…means the Universe and all that is within…because there is certainly more than the Universe. But we will go there at a later time.

To accept that off-planet life-forms come to visit, or land, or are blown into our earth’s orbit is simply a statement of truth. It is not a question, it’s a truth. It may be a truth you find as hard to accept as your sudden trip to Italy was, when you had never travelled farther than the next state over. But when you think of it; Italy was always there…you have seen it on a map, you have eaten food from there and you may know friends that are of Italian heritage or from Italy. Just because you had not been there before did not mean it did not exist. That is how you must begin with this thought pattern. The meteors from outer space have been found, rocks, dust, and other elements have been found from space…we have them in museums and university labs…so we know they are real. We can pick them up and touch them, they are in our real world time-line.  

You have to avoid saying NO to anything in your life. That does not mean you go and jump off a cliff if someone asks you. But it does mean you would tell your friend that told you to jump…that you understand their need for humor but it will not be you to bring them to their total joyous rapture. You will stay put and live to party again. But it does mean that ideas that are not comfortable for you…are still ideas. People you do not know are still people. Places you have not gone are still places. Inventions that different people bring forth may not exist today, but they will exist and be used tomorrow. You have to open, open, open your mind to ideas that are brought in front of you.

If you find you are thinking of aliens flying around in the starry sky or actually look for them in the sunny skies – there is a reason. You are fascinated with the idea because it has come into your mind and is taking residence. That means that something has sparked those thoughts and you need to examine them, not ignore them. You need to think on it, not learn about it. There are reasons for ideas coming into a mind and those reasons are of Divine Order and should be worked on and allowed to grow.

Reading Client: But what if aliens do actually appear and want to change our way of life, here on earth…will we be safe?

Friend on phone reading with Client: Well let’s think on it. If they did land and you lived where you live. Do you think they would land close to you? Maybe they will- so where would you go to be safe? Take a moment and just think on it. Where would a safe place be?

Reading Client: Well many UFO experts say we should be moving to the mountain states, inland and we can be safe there. Around caves and places we can live with running water and food. I have seeds saved in my freezer, special food in storage just in case and a water filter for any emergency.

Friend on phone reading with Client: Ok, so you think that living in a mountain area, close to water and caves and having seeds will make you safe? Then what will happen to all the people who are unable to move to those places? Are they doomed to destruction? I mean do you think an alien that does arrive on earth will some how ruin the civilization that is currently inhabiting on the planet? What would they gain with that? What would these aliens look like and what would their lifestyle be like? Would they eat our food, or their own food. Would they want to take over the planet and rule, or just co-exist? You see having questions about things in your life is a good thing. But the questions have to be broad to include all aspects not just rumors from so-called experts or books. The more questions you have the more we can work on narrowing down the actual reality that will present itself.

I want to show you how to bring your knowing of any subject out into the open. Not just an understanding of aliens but an understanding of all situations in your life. I will work with you and together we can come to see a full picture of your life and its many questions. You need to know that you have the answers within you and working on how to bring out that information will help you in your life path – is a must. The key is that we need to work. Because it is all connected like little dots of stars in the sky. Let’s get busy.

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