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Confusion – Friend’s Daily Offering; On removing Confusion on life choices and bring them into clarity
 There are so many words, actions, responsibilities and time constraints coming from all sides of your life, to add upset and confusion over an unexpected incident is totally understandable. Reacting to that incident is now your choice. You must learn to react to a negative situation slowly with calm, let it flow over you and let it unfold in front of you before you react. Keep your anger, fear or confusion to yourself and just let the energy of the situation surround you. Know that your own inner strength will keep you safe and allow the people around you to act out their frustrations or anger. As soon as you can, remove yourself from the situation.

Give yourself private time to replay the incident or situation in your mind as you lift yourself up and away from it. View it as if it were happening to another. See if you played a part in the incident or if you were just a viewer. Think it over; do not make a statement on your own behalf or for the other person. Think it over; replay the incident/situation again in your mind’s eye. See if you heard the words and actions in correct order. When you have done your work on this issue and you feel you have put it into its own place, then allow yourself to feel.

Is it anger, it is disappointment, is it sadness, is it doubt? Take a few moments of quiet and talk it through in your mind to yourself. Lay down the ideas you have – what did you do to begin the incident, did you add to the fire, did you simply stand and become a part of it, or did you get swept up in someone else’s negative energy? Now that you have gone over it in your mind – release it.

To do that-  take three deep breaths and then just blow out the confusion and let it dissipate. If the situation made you uncomfortable, you know you will not repeat the action you took nor will you encourage the actions that others showed to you. You will look at the incident as a negative action that you do not intend to allow around you again.

Make a list; actually write down three things that will alert you to the same behavior in yourself or others in the future. These three things will then be the keys to avoid. If you see them coming into your life again, you will walk away and make serious changes to remove the negative actions before they manifest into a repeated situation.

My example to you may be: 1/ your day was very stressed and you were down in energy 2/the communication between you and another was just not successful and you both interpreted words in the wrong way 3/the other person was on a short fuse of temper and you may have sparked it with your body language or words. Learning these or other actions that were taken before the incident, means you can make changes. Your personal energy must be stronger and if you need to take more breaks or eat, drink or nap than that is what you have to do during your busiest days. You have to work on your communications skills or learn to read others when they do not understand you and give it a break.  Be aware that others have days filled with just as much, if not more, stress than your own. Or they have a special emotional or physical challenge that is pushing them into negative energy.  Read those things and do not judge, just take note not to allow the combination of them to mix and explode into a situation in the future.

Since you are unable to change the past, or change others there is only the future and your own actions. If you took a neutral stance during the situation, you did not respond or entered into the negative energy – that was a strong position to take. You then removed yourself from the negative energy and have taken time to review the situation again in your mind. Showing self honesty of the review as if you were a neutral self-judge – you have pulled up and away and taken a look at your actions and those of others with a third person’s view. You have taken your deep breaths to release the confusion. You have written down three key things that will signal the oncoming of a similar incident in the future and how to avoid it. Now, you have to do the hardest thing, you have to refocus your mind to a new thought pattern and let this one fade. In order to be productive, you have to learn to experience, review and release. It’s now time to release and move on leaving the negative energy and feelings of confusion behind.

This is a lesson that is very hard to do and really takes repeated practice to perfect. But once you start to do this with little and large incidents that upset and confuse you in your life – you will see that they will not be repeated. They will diminish because you take note of the cause and then you empower yourself to move forward to a new thought and action so your future is in your own control.

To achieve a circle of comfort and positive actions around you at all times is something that has to be practiced to succeed. But once you have the steps in place and you have experienced the change of negative to positive thought patterns – you will find your life changing dramatically.  

The easy life choice is to react to a negative situation or person with your verbal skills and debate and argue with them. To inflame the situation and make your own thoughts on the matter the most important heard that day. To walk away knowing you were right  – and they – wrong.

The hard life choice is to restrain yourself from reacting, to make your involvement nonexistent and allow the incident to work its way out to nothing. Being a controlled student of metaphysics is always challenging are you up to the challenge? Do you really think you can walk and experience the path, or just talk about it?

The most successful people in all walks of their lives are the ones that are true to their own actions and not afraid to review and change those actions and their forward direction for the better of all. 

 Would you like to have a reading with friend? Please read more about him and schedule a reading today. He has been Channeling through Francy since 1983 and would be pleased to work with you on your own personal issues and challenges.


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Protection –from a sudden change into a downward spiral of life – Friend’s Daily Offering

When you find that you have things happening to you that are out of your own normal range of functioning – many times that signals that you have stepped out of bounds of your own personal protection bubble.

Each person has a range of protected area around their body that they keep on a daily basis. This area can be large or small that’s set up between each person’s feelings of well-being.  But the important thing is to start to be aware of this protection area and enlarge it as you move through life.

Your protection can be attacked by your own energy level. If you have had health challenges even as small as a cold or bad allergies, your body and your mind are tired and the protection level can be down. Your mind can wander and think about other things and not pay attention to the small clues your body is giving it that something is amiss. Then add different things to that like stress, a break-up in a relationship, a move, a new job, or an upset in your finances as examples. Those all will bring your energy down and therefore your protection level around your body grows weaker.


So let us talk of examples. Roger had a very good job in real estate and was producing a solid income which gave him a lifestyle that was very comfortable. He was a person in his late 40‘s and was working out on a regular basis. Life was good until one of the homes he sold had problems with the sale and the buyer was upset with him and started to make a fuss over the sale. This moved Roger into a place at his work that was very difficult and his sales started to slump. He was trying everything to get his sales up when he injured his body at the gym in an equipment mistake. This forced him to stay at his home and just rest for a few days and during that time period both his furnace and his refrigerator went out of order. On his recovery from his injury and his return to the office he found that his job was in trouble and he was fighting just to keep his license with this broker so he could work. The next thing that happened is that his car lease was up and he had to renew it and when he went to do so he had a problem with his credit because the last two months had caused him so much financial ups and downs. The next thing that happened to him was that he was robbed, his home was entered by a group of young people and they not only took things they left the house in a bad condition. When Roger came in to have a reading with Friend he was really off his place of feeling safe and into a place of fighting for his way of life to be returned to him. What could he do to remove all of this chaos and return to his happy and prosperous life again?

Friend consulted him on a reset of his Protection Area and give his body, mind and spirit more room to feel comfortable. The area around him which had once been so strong was now eroding away and he had to concentrate on rebuilding his comfort zone and his positive outlook on his life.  

Friend had him begin with a look at the different events in his life that seemed to start and then just allow the downward spiral. That way Roger was consciously aware of these things and could take actions to counter his thoughts about them. He could not change the past, but he could make his future stronger. He was asked to start a journal and write out the different things that had started to bother him and see if they had a string running through them. This step cannot be ignored, it has to be done. To change the future into a positive, you have to know and accept that you have had negatives in your past. Friend asked him to write down five things that he had always enjoyed about his life and how he felt about them.
 Roger chose to write:

1-      His home was so peaceful and very organized that it gave him a feeling of joy each time he went home. Now, he had lost that feeling because first the two major repairs signaled to him that the house was getting old and would need updating.  Then the feeling of invasion of his privacy and peace when the young teens had robbed him. He was now thinking that he would have to move to feel safe again in a home.

2-      He had always opened his eyes in the morning and felt happy about going to work. He would review his day and be excited about the prospect of new sales and new clients. Now, he dreaded going to work and felt that the clients all disliked him and although he had done nothing wrong in his business dealings, his colleges were treating him as though he was not a sincere business person. He was feeling trapped and did not know how to get over this hump.

3-      He had felt no worry over money for a very long time. He lived within his budget because reality had its ups and downs. Yet, he always felt if he saw something he wanted he could buy it within a month or so and get it paid off right away. Now, he felt he was walking on eggshells with his income. His business was down so much that he was afraid to buy anything and he had even started to take a lunch to work to keep his monthly costs down.

4-      The one thing he was most proud about was his body and the good shape he was in now that he was middle aged. His recent injury had been his first and he was shocked at how painful it had been and how long it was taking to heal. He felt out of shape and his body felt like it had changed into an older version of who he thought he was before.

5-      He had always felt good about his alone time. He enjoyed working out, reading and listening to audio books and music. He had taken a few classes at night and he loved to sail and play poker with friends. Now, for the first time, he really felt lonely. He did not have anyone to share his problems with the last couple of months and he realized that even friends could not be told about his business problems and no one had been there for him when he went through his injury.

Friend’s Next Step:

 Friend put Roger on a mission to bring a state of protection back into his life and then work on each of the issues and find ways to make them work for him again. He was to begin with getting quiet in the morning, before he began his day, and to feel and see in his mind’s eye a whirlwind of white light swirling around him until it left a clear cylinder of energy around his body. This energy could not be seen by others, but it could be felt by Roger. This was to be his actual protection bubble and he was to be very serious about building it and keeping it a few inches away from his body each morning.  As he went forward during his day he was to take a few moments of quiet to re-energize his bubble of protection.

Friend asked Roger to tackle his work place problems. Was he able to mend the unrest he felt from the staff or was it time to start at another company and begin again? He had his own list of clients so the move would not change the quality of care he gave to them and the change would not mean any financial hardship, since his commissions would be the same. Friend asked Roger to write about his feelings over a new job for three nights. When he was back talking with friend again, he felt excited about making a change to something new. He now had ideas of a new marketing theme and he was really on his way to a new job place before he actually left the one where he had worked for the past seven years.

The house was next. Friend cautioned Roger not to make too many changes in his life all at once. He felt the change in the job was enough and it would take a few months for him to relocate at the new position and get feeling confident in his income. At that time, if he really felt his home was bothersome to him, he would be in a better place to make a change.

Roger continued with friend’sreadings working on ideas for sales and marketing – even in a down turn economy and Roger started to feel the renewal of his personal business strength. He worked at his new job and then in about nine months Roger worked with a buyer that needed the exact description of Roger’s home. Roger told him he had been thinking of moving and the buyer was free to come and see his place. The buyer was interested and Roger invited in another Realtor to oversee the transaction so it would be right for them both. Within sixty days Roger was in a new home and had adopted a dog and started to run every day and enjoy getting his body strength back again.

In his next reading with Friend – Roger discussed the renewal of his life. He not only felt strong again, but he felt he was in control and it was up to him to stay aware of Protection even when his life seemed so good. That protecting his body, mind and spirit on a daily basis kept him closer to his own strength and closer to his feelings of spirituality. It was at this reading that Friend mentioned to Roger that he would be meeting a person very soon that he would find attractive and very funny. Four months later Roger helped a lovely lady unload her rented moving truck, next door. He not only helped her place her things in the house but he began dating his new next door neighbor.

Roger’s success came from not giving in to things around him and allowing his life to slide downhill. He refused to take on the spiral effect and just paddle through it. He took action and with Friend’s guidance, Roger worked for and found the answers to his questions. He learned more about his own reactions to negative things floating around him. He noted that he had to be aware of his own personal protection and keep it strong. As he went forward with his life, he was not afraid of taking new steps and repairing old challenges. Roger now feels that he should not let his life just drift without being aware at all times that good things come with consistent movement towards a plan of action, work and creativity.  At the same time, others may find Roger’s success something to envy and even want to harm in some way. But Roger now is keeping a protection bubble of awareness around his body. He’s aware to keep the protection pumping when he feels tired or unwell, upset, or stressed. Keeping his core strong and protected is now allowing him to keep growing and enjoy all aspects of his life. 
Friend has been doing readings since 1983 and he is always pleased to help others with his insight to information – Please read how to schedule your reading with friend…thank you, francy


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