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A great way to begin the New Year with a look at the past and a view of the future…by francy Dickinson

new year loveI grew up with a Grandmother that was from Denmark and she believed in the old ways. Like the Native American’s; the Nordic Peoples had their beliefs of Mother Earth and the idea of all things connected with the Creator’s Love inside of them. The old Nordic traditions are still being used throughout the northern European areas…some of the folks do not even know what the traditions represent any more… they just do them as their family members before them did. The Pagan ways are often mistaken for devil worship…that is not true, Pagan was a way of honoring the earth and the world around the early people of those cold and barren lands. So, I have taken many of my Grandmother’s traditions and brought them into my own life. Finding the helpful tips to add to my own way of living in our fast paced world of today.

Clearing the New Year:

This is such a great ritual that you will want to share it with friends and do it together. On the New Year (It’s my birthday by the way 😉 I had a few girlfriends over and we celebrated the New Year together. We did this ritual and each of them enjoyed it so much they wanted me to write it down and share it with them…like a recipe ~ the rituals are handed down from one Auntie to a nephew or child in the family…I hope you find it helpful…it always clears my mind and prepares me for a healthy new year ahead:

You will need:burning bowl

  1. A fireplace, fire-pit or burning bowl 
  2. Three small pieces of paper and a pen for each person
  3. Then get somewhere to be quiet and walk through the ideas so you can think on them with your mind and heart…then you will work together as a group to do the ritual together
  4. What is written down on the paper is not to be shared – it is your own personal ideas and experiences and although this Clearing Ceremony has more impact when done with a few people…it can just as well be done on your own

Paper and Pen…then think back:

The first piece of paper is a dedication to the past year. Think back..think about the one event that was really a difficult one for you. Something that was uncomfortable or really hurtful. Think on your feelings and how it took you a while to get over the pain of this event and then write it down on the first piece of paper. Really think about the pain and upset that the event brought into your life. When you are done writing fold the paper back and forth into an accordion or fan fold and then mark the outside of the paper with a: 1 Put the paper aside and on to the next.

The next piece of paper is dedication to the past year, too…but in a totally polar way. I want you to think about and hold the thought of the best memory of the last year. A place you visited, a person you spent time with, a special event, a gift you received…what ever the special event was…write it down. Now before you fold your paper…I really want you to ‘think over’ your feelings from this event. That feeling of joy…of happiness, of content, of achievement, of being proud…what did the event gift to you in the way of emotions…hold that thought for a moment and then fold the paper. Once again fold it back and forth like a fan fold or accordion fold…and put a: 2  on it and set it aside.

Now the final piece of paper is in front of you and I want you to write down number 1…then leave some room on the page and write  number 2 and then drop down and write a number 3. We are now going to talk about the year ahead and what it can bring to your life. Thinking of this is important so do not do it lightly…really think on these issues so you can begin to form these thoughts into reality and enjoy — receiving when the three intents come into form.

2013 is the year of the Snake...a twisted journey but the trail can be calm and memorable

2013 is the year of the Snake…a twisted journey but the trail can be calm and memorable

Your #1: Has to do with you as a person and your emotions: It could be you want to begin a new romance, or a new job, or begin a craft project or a garden project thinking it would bring you pleasure. Think of something that will bring you a feeling of safety, pleasure, joy and write that thing down as your intent for your emotions this coming year.Maybe you have been wanting to do or achieve or bring something into your life for a long time. Maybe you do not know what it is…then think of what feeling you want in your mind this year. You want to be more rested, feel a lighter load, a feeling of being loved…that is just as important…to think of what the action or intent is going to give you in the way of emotions…and so the rest can swirl around and bring you to that place of peace.

Your #2: Has to do with only you…if you had some money to spend $10,000 what would you bring into your life? Now put aside the feeling of giving to others, or paying bills, or finishing a project you are working on…only think of this money as a fun gift to yourself…what enjoyable thing would you bring to yourself…just for you…for your own benefit. Once again….thinking of pleasure and fun and write it down, hold it in your mind. Do not put a limit on it…do not think of where the money or the thing would come from, do not think of how it will come or when it will come…just see this thing or event or gift to yourself in your mind’s eye and feel the enjoyment it will bring to you. Know that this is what you want and it will come, from the Universe without you ‘doing’ special things for it.

Your #3: Has to do with your own inner well being…what has been pushing inside of your head about your body this last year. Would you like to go on a trip or feel more freedom, do more walking, start to dance, change your eating pattern, take some new supplements. We all have occasional inner callings about our bodies and what we should be doing. What is in your mind. Maybe it’s having a medical check up, maybe it’s changing a habit like smoking or eating too many sweets…what is it for you? What do you think would make you a healthier person in your body and mind? Write it down and now you will take the paper and fold it as you did the other ones and put a number 3 on the outside of the fan folded paper.

Wait quietly as all of your friends finish the tasks and then you will all go to the fire. It can be a nice fireplace, a backyard BBQ, a wonderful fire pit by the beach or if you have none of those…you can use a big fire-proof bowl that you can burn your papers inside safely. Obviously we want this to be safe but we also want to burn the papers in a special way…so have this fire at the ready for the ritual.

Now you will all stand by the fire and one at a time you will deal with the three papers that each of you have folded up. You will repeat a few words over each and then burn the paper. Then the next person will repeat the actions until you all burn the number one paper….then we will go on to number two paper.

Your number one paper will be held in your mind and you will send the sadness, hurt and bad memories of the event, words, or person on it’s way. You no longer want to feel that sadness, embarrassment or what ever your negative feelings were. You do not want those feelings in your new year. So you need to acknowledge them and then send them on their way, not to be brought back or repeated in the coming year. The word you will use for this is “BE GONE” it is a powerful word and pulls your mind and your own decision that something is uncomfortable or hurtful to you…and you will take note of it and call it to ‘BE GONE’. In a way its like taking charge of your future…you will not allow anyone to harm you verbally, physically, or emotionally. You will be more aware of those around you so you will not be put into that situation again. Using the word ‘BE GONE’ allows you to be in charge of any un-warranted bad energy around you.

One at a time – each person in your group will stand next to each other and they will hold their #1 paper by their heart and take note of the sadness that it caused them and then they will verbally, right out loud say “BE GONE” – It will be said by all in the group three times per person. The paper will be held tight and  ‘BE GONE’ will be said twice and then on the third ‘BE GONE’ the paper will be placed in the fire and as it burns you will take note that the negative feelings are over and gone for good. Then the next person in the group will repeat those actions until all of the members of the group have burned their  #1 paper and sent it away while saying ‘BE GONE’ Remember the power of all of you joining in and saying ‘BE GONE’ is powerful…it means that you and your friends take real note of the hurt that has happened and it is being refused and sent away—never to return.

Now paper #2 is important because it represents the happier times of your past year. It holds a special moment of time that you and each of your group members had a pleasurable time or event. And when you begin this ritual…you want to take a moment and remember that your year was filled with remarkable, loving and pleasurable events…and you want to have more of those in the year to come. So, with #2 paper…you want to say “MORE” — Bringing your mind to the idea that you want to capture that joy and repeat it again and again in the new year. If it means you need to go on a few more trips or weekend outings, you need to be around your friends more or if you need to just be with the people who bring you a feeling of happiness…you want to be repeating the actions that the joy-filled event gave to you. So as you take your turn by the fire, you hold the paper close to you and you repeat ‘MORE’ twice and then on the third time you say ‘MORE’ you burn your paper. Your group will once again take turns and each of you support each other as you all call out “MORE” three times for each paper and remember to burn the paper on the third time. Watch it burn down and then move on to the next person in the group until all of you have now burned your #1 and your #2.

The #3 paper is the Intent of your New Year…it represents thoughts of how you would like to have the year work in your own direction…you want to really enjoy this paper. Every time you write down an intent during the year…at the end of the list…you want to write down, “This or something more…” Because even in our greatest moment we do not know what the Universe has for us…we do not want to ‘limit’ our own gifts…we want to open ourselves up to ‘unlimited’ possibilities. So, as you step-up and begin to repeat the words, “This or something more…” remember you are asking for new beginnings, new health, new emotional strength and peace, and prosperity to remove the worry of lack from your life. As you burn your #3 paper….’This or something more’ is what you and your group repeat…saying it twice as you hold your paper and then the third time as you burn the paper. The the rest of the members of the group will repeat the actions one by one. For each member the true friendship of support should be felt in the words; ‘This or something more’.

It will be a fun procedure ..we all enjoyed it very much. You feel like you are taking stock of the sadness and the happiness of last year…and programming in a more comforting and joyful new year. You are not trying to hide your feelings — you are trying to understand that you deserve to be filled with safety, peace and joy….and your actions will help to bring those feelings and the events around them into your life — even more often during this current year.

Traditions or Rituals, they make a mark on a person's life and a deeper meaning when done with family or friends

Traditions or Rituals, they make a mark on a person’s life and a deeper meaning when done with family or friends

My group of four had a great time…and we were surprised that the flames in the #3 paper burned brighter and longer like the fire was happy…we had such good ‘Intents’ for the coming year. It was a fun little surprise for us. Our group was three friends and a teenage daughter…we felt we all bonded during the ceremony and that the teenage girl was honored for her womanhood and friendship…I hope she felt she made a change that night for the best. I know I did.

Blessings on your ~ Clearing for the New Year

francy and Friend


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