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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering – information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy

Jacob talking to friend in his reading: I have had a friend since I was first working at a grocery store…15 years ago. This guy has been a fun and long time pal and yet for the last year he has not spoken to me. I understand he was upset with my choice of divorcing my wife. I miss his friendship and hope to re establish it again but I dont really know where to begin?

Friend to Jacob in reading: Well I feel the rift was more than over your choice to divorce. I think your friend felt you were not able to share yourself in friendship since you were so pre occupied with a variety of things in your life. He has now gone on to have other good friends that give back to him in friendship and holds no ill will toward you.

Jacob to Friend; So you think I should just call him and try to set up a date to meet for a drink or something?

Friend in reading: You know even when men joke around, they do have friendship bonds that are established. You broke your bond with him by ignoring his calls and not spending any time with him even on the phone. Before you call him, I think you need to take some time to look over your life and see what you are willing to give to others. Can you commit to calling a friend on at least a weekly basis and then making an in person time each month?

Friendship is not you and he saying you are friends, its having time to share life with each other. To talk about everyday events and support each other through the different ups and down of life. If you are not able to do that…then it is pointless to try to reopen the friendship.

Jacob: Well I am very busy at work, I have my new girlfriend now and I am just looking for a new place to move. I could not say that I would be calling him on a daily basis or anything and I would be able to join him in a drink now and then. But he is more into sports and works for a printing company so he travels a lot.

Friend; So, he is out of town or on the road for hours each day. He is limited in his time and his friends have to know that he could be tired and only have a few minutes to enjoy some short words a few times a week. That would mean you sending a text to him a few times a week telling him of a funny event in your day and touching base with him by voice once a week. You see you are the one that bowed out of the relationship. Even if you thought he did not agree with your maritial choices, he still was there and you stopped calling him and including him in your life.

There is a time in each man’s life that he has to realize that time is very prescious and how you dole it out during the day is the key. The key to a life is joy and peace so life has to be filled with working, family and community and then add in the spice of good friends and relationships. So the decision is not do you call or not. The decision is do you honor your friend with your friendship and give him time during your days? If that is something that you feel you can do, your friendship will bloom again and you will enjoy the benefits. But if you feel that you can just call each month or when you have an evening free. Don’t bother, that is not a friendship, thats a night free that you can spend with your business clients or work friends to let off steam.

As your life goes forward and more and more life events crop up. Having a friend established in your everyday routine is like having a bar of gold on your shelf. The friend will support you through hard times and wish you well in times of fun and happiness. But you have to make your own mind up about commitment to friendship. Even if you think commitment is a chore you will need it to keep a friend over a long period of time.

You are coming into a time of change for yourself. You are taking on more challenges in your career and starting to think about commitment to a lady again and now thinking about your friend. All of this may feel like walking into a life where you are trapped by responisbility, but I assure you that is not the case. Giving yourself to others in friendship and relationships will only make your life richer. You may not have extra time for naps on the couch, but you will have people around you to share fun, food, events, holidays, support and personal back up. Those are things that come to people who choose to mature with style. But it is a choice and I think you need to ponder over it for a couple days before you call your friend back.

I would also suggest that you write down some things that you want to bring into your life. Just keep an easy journal and at night before you sleep write down a few things you want to accomplish. See where you are after a few days and the choice to add friendships to your already busy life, will show or no show. Always write down not a thing you want, but a feeling you want from your life. Like: Enjoying life with friends, coming home to a house full of love, having someone to share my ideas with and someone to meet and laugh about life. You will have your own words but they help guide you to an answer that really fits who you are, not who you try to be.

Now lets begin with your other questions….

Blessings from Friend –to you on re-establishing friendships – they are always worth the investment of time and energy.


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