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After 12 years of care giving for my dear Georgie…he passed. I am now living through the changes in my life, day by day. Since Georgie passed in the fall…I thought it wise to share some of my changes as I move towards his Passing Day, on November 1st. 

In a marriage of many years (ours was 32 years together) you move into a dual life. On one hand; I had my partner’s strength and love to carry me though my days. That subtle background strength that George gave to me with his unconditional love was so delicate and sweet. I was always aware of it, but I rarely took note of it. On the other hand; my own high energy gave me the feeling that I was a strong person. I think this is a very normal feeling since each of us experiences life, in the now, in our own minds. So when our partner, friend or family member passes there is an immediate grief…but an ongoing emptiness that overwhelms you depends on the amount of daily energy that person was gifting to you and you – to them.

Today, without George here for me to speak to…to share with…to touch, I feel that life’s current has changed for me. At first I felt the release of my loved one from my life, physically. Then I started to feel the change of my own life’s energy without George’s immediate spiritual presence and his own energy that was gifted with love to me each day. I know these feelings are basically the same for all…but individual levels of separation from the energy that a friend, family member or spouse has with us is unique. My relationship with George was much greater than I realized through the years, we were best friends, business partners, and loving spouses. So all of those connective tissues of life brought deep bonding. Each of those interactive relationships meant gifting energy to each other on different levels…friendship is not like business partner and a business partner is not like marriage partner…so for us…we were in a relationship that was energized on many levels.

You may find that you have lost a Grandma that lives quite far away from you. Your memories of her love and the times you spent with her gives you a hard rip in your heart over her loss. But if that person has not been a dominant part of your life on a consistent basis…the inner core of your daily life’s energy does not take on a huge change. The energy that runs your body, mind and soul on a daily basis is not deeply effected. That means that you, as a loving grand child will heal your grief and find a place for that special grandparent’s memory in your life in a shorter time frame. Yes, sadness will occur…but a feeling of continued grief for a long period of time will not hinder your life.

On the other hand, if your Grandmother has always been a guiding light in your life. If she was someone you grew up with, lived with and imprinted many life changing memories with there is a difference in your grief. The more a person is a daily impact of your inner being and gifts to you love and energy – energy that helps to run your body, mind and spirit…that energy keeps you moving inside your daily life routines. Therefore the more the removal of that person through death makes a mark on your own energy pattern. Does that mean that you loved one type of Grandparent more or less? NO. It means that your daily interactive relationship gives a stronger energy to your own core with one person compared to another.

This under-riding core of energy that each of us have in our lives is the essence of our own life spirit. It matters. To remove a source of this energy in our daily or occasional life pattern makes a big difference. It means that in order for you to stay feeling “safe” and “inline” with your life…you have to make up the difference in energy by producing more of it on your own. By personally increasing your core energy you will fill up the dip that the loss has left in your life. That is where I have been, learning how to adjust my own energy to get stronger within my own self.  George was such a constant supply of love and energy for me…that without him in my life I have had a big hole or drop in energy. This energy does not just mean our body energy, its our spirit energy too. It is now my job to increase my own energy and that takes healing and realizing who I am and walking forward into who I need to be to feel that safety again. It also takes daily routines that re-charge my energy just like exercise re-charges your body. I need to take personal responsibility to increase my own energy to work and live on the same or higher degree to be healthy in both mind and body. I am now aware of this and I am working on many different resources that increase energy for my own mental and healthy core. Not to mention to honor the love and life that George had given to me for all of those years of our joy filled partnership.

TIP: Removing yourself from others a few times a day. Perhaps when you take a bathroom break. Privately doing the ‘three deep breaths’ and taking note of the feeling of re-charging energy through our body and mind. Then remembering to eat small energy snacks of protein every two hours and taking note of reducing exposure to others that tend to drain our own energy…those are just a kick start to the process that Friend individually plans for us… to help re-build after a loss of a loved one. Slowly, our minds and bodies will come together in a stronger form. I know that I now feel the grief lifting and my energy building to stabilize my ability to stay attentive to my own needs. The feeling of being centered again is a relief for me, from the heaviness of my loss. 

Friend can be a steady force in the recovery from loss in your life. You may have lost a job, a home, a friend, a relationship or even a death of a dear person of importance. When that happens the time and actions to help the healing process are assisted by a consultation and re-charging and centering of energy. Friend has many different tasks for us to learn and incorporate in our lives so we can increase our personal energy and feel powerful again. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a consultation. Blessings, francy

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fall-wallpaper-20.jpgDear Friend: Everyone talks about their “life’s plan” and I do not know how to find my plan. What do I do to connect with the information to guide me to my real life’s journey?

This is the most popular question with those that come and have consultations with Friend. It is so important to individuals and that makes Friend happy. Happy that they are able to be aware and reach out and work to find the answer.

Each consultation is very private and unique for each student…but what you will find is the way to begin your journey is to connect. To learn simple tips to get yourself quiet and relaxed so your inner voices can be heard. If you are living a path, at this time, that is filled with chaos, upset, discourse or illness the back ground noise of your life is very high.

Very similar to getting a mobile call and having a hard time hearing your friend. Then you ask them…are you using the speaker? Then they change over to private call mode and the call comes in crystal clear. Removing the background noise of your life opens up your ability to hear and pay attention to the guidance that we all receive during our day.

So, let’s review a few examples of the feeling of being guided. First example is early morning rush. Up and arranging life within your home. Maybe over-sleeping to start, or preparing children for their day before you get to prepare yourself. It’s a morning of rush and hurry…a morning of trying to make the world work when you are just waking and hitting the floor. Out you go to the car, kids in the back seat and ready to drive out of the garage. But a feeling of something comes over you…a tap on your shoulder or a ding in your mind that something is not right. No time for inner conversations you pull out of the garage and take off to the school. Then arriving at work, you realize that you were to bring in a report that you had worked on a year ago…and was needed for review on a current project. You kick yourself remembering the feeling or pull…that you had gotten that morning and you ignored it.

That is an example of your inner voice trying to help you…but you were too involved with your life to “hear” the voice. You were not willing to take a moment and review your possible needs for the day when you were sitting there in the car…you just went with your immediate need to be on time and get your day going.

Another example; you are at a party and you meet a person for the first time. You shake their hand, or smile and nod in their direction and go on with a conversation that you are involved in at the moment. Something pulls you about that person, in the back of your mind.  Something is in there for just a moment; have I met them before, do they know someone I know, do they have something in common with me…its just a floating feeling. It comes and goes in an instant. You do not take time to talk to the person and ask them about their day or their life, you continue on with your conversations with friends. A week later, you hear that a new person is coming to be your manager at work. This person is of pivotal importance to your success and you wonder how the change in the management will affect you. The day comes when the new manager walks in the room…and you recognize them from that party you went to weeks before. You kick yourself for not interacting with her when the acquaintance could have been very social and enjoyable, showing your personality in a good and strong light at a party. Now, you will wonder if she felt you snubbed her and if she is in a position of judging you before you even begin your work relationship.

Last example; your child has just displayed some really angry behavior and you are tired and over-stressed from your day. Instead of taking time and talking to your child about how that behavior hurt the feelings of one of their friends…you choose to simply give the child a quick look of dread and ask them to go to their room to cool down. A few days later,  you get a call from the child’s teacher leaving a message on your phone. Your child has displayed unkind and angry behavior at school and you are being asked to come and get your child and have a meeting with the school counselor. You instantly remember that you had not followed through with your child’s angry behavior a few days before and you know that lead to this unfortunate outcome. The inner voices, are they really not there or are you ignoring them?

Listening to your own inner voices…those voices that guide you and help you make life decisions that push you on to a path of action that is healthy, prosperous and enjoyable – those are the voices that you need to learn to listen to and be open to their wisdom. Trusting in your own abilities to find the right path in your life…starts with you listening. When you work with Friend, he gives you ideas and practices that bring you back into alignment with a life that is in-focus and intune…instead of a life that is always fighting against the tide.

Tip: Before your feet hit the ground in the morning…take three extreme deep breaths. In with the noise until your stomach rises and out with the mouth. This clears your brain and refreshes it with oxygen so you begin your day with a moment of calm to hear your inner voice and begin with a clear view of the day ahead.

We look forward to working with you in your own private consultation. Friend, works with you on your life challenges and your life questions. Blessings on your day…francy

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A great way to begin the New Year with a look at the past and a view of the future…by francy Dickinson

new year loveI grew up with a Grandmother that was from Denmark and she believed in the old ways. Like the Native American’s; the Nordic Peoples had their beliefs of Mother Earth and the idea of all things connected with the Creator’s Love inside of them. The old Nordic traditions are still being used throughout the northern European areas…some of the folks do not even know what the traditions represent any more… they just do them as their family members before them did. The Pagan ways are often mistaken for devil worship…that is not true, Pagan was a way of honoring the earth and the world around the early people of those cold and barren lands. So, I have taken many of my Grandmother’s traditions and brought them into my own life. Finding the helpful tips to add to my own way of living in our fast paced world of today.

Clearing the New Year:

This is such a great ritual that you will want to share it with friends and do it together. On the New Year (It’s my birthday by the way 😉 I had a few girlfriends over and we celebrated the New Year together. We did this ritual and each of them enjoyed it so much they wanted me to write it down and share it with them…like a recipe ~ the rituals are handed down from one Auntie to a nephew or child in the family…I hope you find it helpful…it always clears my mind and prepares me for a healthy new year ahead:

You will need:burning bowl

  1. A fireplace, fire-pit or burning bowl 
  2. Three small pieces of paper and a pen for each person
  3. Then get somewhere to be quiet and walk through the ideas so you can think on them with your mind and heart…then you will work together as a group to do the ritual together
  4. What is written down on the paper is not to be shared – it is your own personal ideas and experiences and although this Clearing Ceremony has more impact when done with a few people…it can just as well be done on your own

Paper and Pen…then think back:

The first piece of paper is a dedication to the past year. Think back..think about the one event that was really a difficult one for you. Something that was uncomfortable or really hurtful. Think on your feelings and how it took you a while to get over the pain of this event and then write it down on the first piece of paper. Really think about the pain and upset that the event brought into your life. When you are done writing fold the paper back and forth into an accordion or fan fold and then mark the outside of the paper with a: 1 Put the paper aside and on to the next.

The next piece of paper is dedication to the past year, too…but in a totally polar way. I want you to think about and hold the thought of the best memory of the last year. A place you visited, a person you spent time with, a special event, a gift you received…what ever the special event was…write it down. Now before you fold your paper…I really want you to ‘think over’ your feelings from this event. That feeling of joy…of happiness, of content, of achievement, of being proud…what did the event gift to you in the way of emotions…hold that thought for a moment and then fold the paper. Once again fold it back and forth like a fan fold or accordion fold…and put a: 2  on it and set it aside.

Now the final piece of paper is in front of you and I want you to write down number 1…then leave some room on the page and write  number 2 and then drop down and write a number 3. We are now going to talk about the year ahead and what it can bring to your life. Thinking of this is important so do not do it lightly…really think on these issues so you can begin to form these thoughts into reality and enjoy — receiving when the three intents come into form.

2013 is the year of the Snake...a twisted journey but the trail can be calm and memorable

2013 is the year of the Snake…a twisted journey but the trail can be calm and memorable

Your #1: Has to do with you as a person and your emotions: It could be you want to begin a new romance, or a new job, or begin a craft project or a garden project thinking it would bring you pleasure. Think of something that will bring you a feeling of safety, pleasure, joy and write that thing down as your intent for your emotions this coming year.Maybe you have been wanting to do or achieve or bring something into your life for a long time. Maybe you do not know what it is…then think of what feeling you want in your mind this year. You want to be more rested, feel a lighter load, a feeling of being loved…that is just as important…to think of what the action or intent is going to give you in the way of emotions…and so the rest can swirl around and bring you to that place of peace.

Your #2: Has to do with only you…if you had some money to spend $10,000 what would you bring into your life? Now put aside the feeling of giving to others, or paying bills, or finishing a project you are working on…only think of this money as a fun gift to yourself…what enjoyable thing would you bring to yourself…just for you…for your own benefit. Once again….thinking of pleasure and fun and write it down, hold it in your mind. Do not put a limit on it…do not think of where the money or the thing would come from, do not think of how it will come or when it will come…just see this thing or event or gift to yourself in your mind’s eye and feel the enjoyment it will bring to you. Know that this is what you want and it will come, from the Universe without you ‘doing’ special things for it.

Your #3: Has to do with your own inner well being…what has been pushing inside of your head about your body this last year. Would you like to go on a trip or feel more freedom, do more walking, start to dance, change your eating pattern, take some new supplements. We all have occasional inner callings about our bodies and what we should be doing. What is in your mind. Maybe it’s having a medical check up, maybe it’s changing a habit like smoking or eating too many sweets…what is it for you? What do you think would make you a healthier person in your body and mind? Write it down and now you will take the paper and fold it as you did the other ones and put a number 3 on the outside of the fan folded paper.

Wait quietly as all of your friends finish the tasks and then you will all go to the fire. It can be a nice fireplace, a backyard BBQ, a wonderful fire pit by the beach or if you have none of those…you can use a big fire-proof bowl that you can burn your papers inside safely. Obviously we want this to be safe but we also want to burn the papers in a special way…so have this fire at the ready for the ritual.

Now you will all stand by the fire and one at a time you will deal with the three papers that each of you have folded up. You will repeat a few words over each and then burn the paper. Then the next person will repeat the actions until you all burn the number one paper….then we will go on to number two paper.

Your number one paper will be held in your mind and you will send the sadness, hurt and bad memories of the event, words, or person on it’s way. You no longer want to feel that sadness, embarrassment or what ever your negative feelings were. You do not want those feelings in your new year. So you need to acknowledge them and then send them on their way, not to be brought back or repeated in the coming year. The word you will use for this is “BE GONE” it is a powerful word and pulls your mind and your own decision that something is uncomfortable or hurtful to you…and you will take note of it and call it to ‘BE GONE’. In a way its like taking charge of your future…you will not allow anyone to harm you verbally, physically, or emotionally. You will be more aware of those around you so you will not be put into that situation again. Using the word ‘BE GONE’ allows you to be in charge of any un-warranted bad energy around you.

One at a time – each person in your group will stand next to each other and they will hold their #1 paper by their heart and take note of the sadness that it caused them and then they will verbally, right out loud say “BE GONE” – It will be said by all in the group three times per person. The paper will be held tight and  ‘BE GONE’ will be said twice and then on the third ‘BE GONE’ the paper will be placed in the fire and as it burns you will take note that the negative feelings are over and gone for good. Then the next person in the group will repeat those actions until all of the members of the group have burned their  #1 paper and sent it away while saying ‘BE GONE’ Remember the power of all of you joining in and saying ‘BE GONE’ is powerful…it means that you and your friends take real note of the hurt that has happened and it is being refused and sent away—never to return.

Now paper #2 is important because it represents the happier times of your past year. It holds a special moment of time that you and each of your group members had a pleasurable time or event. And when you begin this ritual…you want to take a moment and remember that your year was filled with remarkable, loving and pleasurable events…and you want to have more of those in the year to come. So, with #2 paper…you want to say “MORE” — Bringing your mind to the idea that you want to capture that joy and repeat it again and again in the new year. If it means you need to go on a few more trips or weekend outings, you need to be around your friends more or if you need to just be with the people who bring you a feeling of happiness…you want to be repeating the actions that the joy-filled event gave to you. So as you take your turn by the fire, you hold the paper close to you and you repeat ‘MORE’ twice and then on the third time you say ‘MORE’ you burn your paper. Your group will once again take turns and each of you support each other as you all call out “MORE” three times for each paper and remember to burn the paper on the third time. Watch it burn down and then move on to the next person in the group until all of you have now burned your #1 and your #2.

The #3 paper is the Intent of your New Year…it represents thoughts of how you would like to have the year work in your own direction…you want to really enjoy this paper. Every time you write down an intent during the year…at the end of the list…you want to write down, “This or something more…” Because even in our greatest moment we do not know what the Universe has for us…we do not want to ‘limit’ our own gifts…we want to open ourselves up to ‘unlimited’ possibilities. So, as you step-up and begin to repeat the words, “This or something more…” remember you are asking for new beginnings, new health, new emotional strength and peace, and prosperity to remove the worry of lack from your life. As you burn your #3 paper….’This or something more’ is what you and your group repeat…saying it twice as you hold your paper and then the third time as you burn the paper. The the rest of the members of the group will repeat the actions one by one. For each member the true friendship of support should be felt in the words; ‘This or something more’.

It will be a fun procedure ..we all enjoyed it very much. You feel like you are taking stock of the sadness and the happiness of last year…and programming in a more comforting and joyful new year. You are not trying to hide your feelings — you are trying to understand that you deserve to be filled with safety, peace and joy….and your actions will help to bring those feelings and the events around them into your life — even more often during this current year.

Traditions or Rituals, they make a mark on a person's life and a deeper meaning when done with family or friends

Traditions or Rituals, they make a mark on a person’s life and a deeper meaning when done with family or friends

My group of four had a great time…and we were surprised that the flames in the #3 paper burned brighter and longer like the fire was happy…we had such good ‘Intents’ for the coming year. It was a fun little surprise for us. Our group was three friends and a teenage daughter…we felt we all bonded during the ceremony and that the teenage girl was honored for her womanhood and friendship…I hope she felt she made a change that night for the best. I know I did.

Blessings on your ~ Clearing for the New Year

francy and Friend

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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering, information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy by francy Saunders

It may seem like setting our clocks back an hour is a hopeless way to welcome in spring…but in the long run…that extra sunshine comes along and we are so glad to have the extra time to enjoy it!

There are so many different issues around depression. From the simple down feelings after a long day to the heavy heart and mind over deep depression. What Friend has long shared with us is the importance of finding out what the ‘root’ cause is of those down feelings.

Saying you can ‘work your way’ out of depression, or take medications to relieve the deep dips of depression is easier said than done. There has to be another side to the personal search for a lighter heart and relief from the frustration of the dark obis of long term depression.

Friend does a reading with his clients and they talk about the reason for the depression in the first place. Finding the cause means that the treatment you choose to improve your depression becomes more successful. That cause can be a lot of very small events, or the constant pull from events that have been very big and hurtful in your life. This review and getting down to the beginning of pain and fear is the way that wise life-travelers find their lives have less stress.

This process of life review for those hurtful feelings and events, is in combination of knowing about your own body and what can be done to improve your inside health so the emotional health can take hold and find peace. This step is so important that if you want to schedule a session you can do that here.

The process of combining the emotional and the physical process of getting stronger and well is the key to being a person that finds joy back in their lives.

Here are some other keys to start you on that process of healing:

  • Do something so simple….DRINK water. If you are in stress and your body is producing stressful toxins, your job is to flush them out. If your days are filled with hours of high powered rushing and doing…you need to take time to drink and let those toxins flush out. Even if you can not halt the insanity of your job or your family chaos — you can drink water.
  • Add Vitamin D. Sunshine is not on the top of all of our lists. It takes time to go out the door and sit in the sun and takes time to relax. Not to mention, if your life in an area where the sun is not as high on the list as it is in California or Florida…you need to add Vitamin D to your intake. I started my husband George on 1,000 units of Vitamin D each day and after two months his emotional health was markedly improved. Even his Nurse Practioner noticed on his next visit. It is such an easy thing to do and inexpensive.
  • Breathe fresh air. Even if its on the way from your car park to the office building. Really do some deep breathing on your walk across the parking lot. Breath in with your nose and out with your mouth. Feel your chest fill up with the air and then allow it to slowly push out your mouth. That fresh oxygen will go to your brain; it will perk you up and get you started on your day with a calmer  feeling around you.
  • Take note of the longer days of light. Don’t just go home to a dark room and the TV. Take time to sit outside or stand in front of the door and drink in the sunshine. The light itself will really give you a boost. If you have a day of sunshine, go out to lunch…do a short walk and get as much of the sun as you can absorb. It will really uplift your spirits. If your days are marked with gray days or lots of rainy days…then make sure you turn on lights in your home…so you can feel the brightness.
  • If its a Kindle or a MP3 player take them along with you and allow your mind to have a fun book on the run. Even if it takes a couple of weeks to finish it…let yourself have a way to remove yourself from the pressure around you. Even if it’s for 10 minutes here and there…you will be thinking of a different story than your own life patterns.
  • Write a list of friends you have not connected with in ages. Then appoint a lunch time, each week, to make one call to a dear friend. Take a sandwich to your desk, or grab a few minutes while your kids nap…and make a call. Surprise that old friend and get caught up with their life and share your’s. That re-connect is so important to remind you – you have friends that love you. This allows you to get through a day with fellow employees, boss, or family members that do not seem to appreciate you.
  • Wear color in your wardrobe. If you are a guy, that tie is there to shake up your world…work it with a bright color. If you are a gal; buy that bright yellow hand bag and wear it with pride. Showing your color, means your heart is out there floating free…not caught up in grays, blues and black for days on end.
  • Walk your dog, or throw the ball around with your child. Interaction with those that you care for will fill you with joy. Thinking of other’s needs means you are not thinking of your own worries. You lift yourself up and spend an hour enjoying life.
  • STOP the sugar. You can do it. Remember sugar is in carbs. So that means that rice and white bread give you just as much sugar as a candy bar. Be honest with yourself. You need to remove that sugar so you stop the ups and downs in your behavior and sugar levels. Find snacks that are low in sugar and find fruits or veggies you can take with you to boost your energy without the crash from the sugar.

All of these things are easy to do, but they do take thinking ahead and being prepared to move through your day on a little different path. If you are thinking that depression is becoming a bigger issue in your life. Give some of these small changes a try to help relieve the pressure in your daily coming and goings.

Give the idea of working through personal issues that may be adding to your difficultly fighting the depression in your life. Healing the whole in your life is a process that can bring joy back. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could really enjoy your spring/summer…instead of just getting through it again, this year?

We hope to meet with you in session. Blessings, francy

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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering, information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy

Daily Stress


Calming Moment

Moment to calm stress and see clearly

MJ during reading with Friend:

It seems like the daily stress is rising for me and I’m constantly worried about forgetting things. I have a calendar, a day planner; I put my reminders in my computer and phone. But I feel as if I am always behind. I’m running forever running to catch up.

Friend during a Channeling Reading:

This has become a very real problem with certain people and I do understand your dedication to your family, job and community…that shows you are trying to please and do well. As well as make changes for the good. But obviously if you can put your feelings in such a precise way saying; ‘always running’ then it has to be time to slow down and become more relaxed about your hours in the day.

Here are a few things you might try and see if it helps:

  1. Allow yourself to check for email three times a day only and to respond twice. You will see that when you set your pattern other people will adjust to it. They will know you do your mail at the beginning and end of day and that you only respond in the morning for the days issues. With the exception of high priority emails…you will simply know that there may be email in your inbox all the time…but you do go through and edit on a set schedule.
  2. Tell yourself that certain times are turn off phone and text times. Maybe for ½ of your lunch hour you go silent…and after 7PM you are silent. This means that others will soon learn your routine and respond in kind. Just because someone sends you a text or leaves you a message, does not mean you have to respond. Don’t allow yourself to respond to each message…respond when you have time and ignore the pull to have your fingers in movement at all times. For instance…when you are driving or shopping or at the library…you need and must have free quiet time so your mind can regroup.
  3. Take time, each time you go to the bathroom…to take deep breaths as you wash your hands and think of yourself as re-energizing yourself. This is like a mini meditation. It will keep you centered and allow messages from your own guides to filter through, as well as energy from those that you love.
  4. Journal each evening before you go to sleep…get quiet and just write things down…lists, to do’s, ideas, and prayers…just write for a few minutes. It will clear out your mind each evening so you can have a restful sleep. It will also allow your dreams to guide you with answers to your questions or worries.
  5. Stay sharp on your diet. If you are in a run, your food is running with you. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make in their thirties and forties…they begin to think food is unimportant and before they know it  their health starts to slip. That is really unwise thinking. Your body will not function well without the proper food. I don’t have to inform you on food, I know you know what is good for you or not. But I will remind you there is no excuse for not taking good food with you during the day. Get a good chill bag and pack it with the right snacks, filtered water, and supplements…so you can find that boost of energy when you feel down and out late in the afternoon.
  6. Finally, remember that you have to set rules for yourself before you set them for others. You have to say to yourself…’I’m important, what I do and say is important…so I am going to give my energy at a time and place that is good for me’. Feeling like others will judge you if you are not everything to everyone, is immature thinking – change it!

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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering, information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy


Reading Client: I have done a lot of research on aliens and I feel very strongly that we have had contact. If that is so then what happens if contact becomes an issue that is worldwide and we actually have the aliens from off world…here on earth? Are there really aliens in our skies?

Friend on phone reading with Client: You have been coming to me for readings for a few years now. During that time there have been many things that I had helped you create along your path. At the time those things were first brought forth you would reject them, as impossible and yet…they have come into reality. You have worked with me on many of these issues and through the years you have become stronger and stronger in bringing your desires into reality. Is that not so?

Reading Client: Yes, I have had some amazing stuff come out of my readings. Like the time you told me I would go to Italy and I could not imagine my self leaving the country at all or traveling on a plane that far away. Then two months later, my boss comes strolling into my office and tells me he needs me to take a part to Italy. Escort a part for a plane, on a plane…it was quite the treat. I will never forget that prediction since it was really not something I would even give a thought to, let alone work on bringing it into reality. As you say…why?

Friend on phone reading with Client: Well you see, in your mind it could never happen. It was far away from your needs in life and so you had no reason to believe that my words would come into your life as reality, not just another prophecy. But it did happen and happened fast and you enjoyed the experience. So if you take that small idea and expand it into believing that there is nothing anywhere and on any subject that can not come into your reality. Nothing. It’s a big thought pattern to adhere to, but to be a student of metaphysics you have to learn that saying the Universe…means the Universe and all that is within…because there is certainly more than the Universe. But we will go there at a later time.

To accept that off-planet life-forms come to visit, or land, or are blown into our earth’s orbit is simply a statement of truth. It is not a question, it’s a truth. It may be a truth you find as hard to accept as your sudden trip to Italy was, when you had never travelled farther than the next state over. But when you think of it; Italy was always there…you have seen it on a map, you have eaten food from there and you may know friends that are of Italian heritage or from Italy. Just because you had not been there before did not mean it did not exist. That is how you must begin with this thought pattern. The meteors from outer space have been found, rocks, dust, and other elements have been found from space…we have them in museums and university labs…so we know they are real. We can pick them up and touch them, they are in our real world time-line.  

You have to avoid saying NO to anything in your life. That does not mean you go and jump off a cliff if someone asks you. But it does mean you would tell your friend that told you to jump…that you understand their need for humor but it will not be you to bring them to their total joyous rapture. You will stay put and live to party again. But it does mean that ideas that are not comfortable for you…are still ideas. People you do not know are still people. Places you have not gone are still places. Inventions that different people bring forth may not exist today, but they will exist and be used tomorrow. You have to open, open, open your mind to ideas that are brought in front of you.

If you find you are thinking of aliens flying around in the starry sky or actually look for them in the sunny skies – there is a reason. You are fascinated with the idea because it has come into your mind and is taking residence. That means that something has sparked those thoughts and you need to examine them, not ignore them. You need to think on it, not learn about it. There are reasons for ideas coming into a mind and those reasons are of Divine Order and should be worked on and allowed to grow.

Reading Client: But what if aliens do actually appear and want to change our way of life, here on earth…will we be safe?

Friend on phone reading with Client: Well let’s think on it. If they did land and you lived where you live. Do you think they would land close to you? Maybe they will- so where would you go to be safe? Take a moment and just think on it. Where would a safe place be?

Reading Client: Well many UFO experts say we should be moving to the mountain states, inland and we can be safe there. Around caves and places we can live with running water and food. I have seeds saved in my freezer, special food in storage just in case and a water filter for any emergency.

Friend on phone reading with Client: Ok, so you think that living in a mountain area, close to water and caves and having seeds will make you safe? Then what will happen to all the people who are unable to move to those places? Are they doomed to destruction? I mean do you think an alien that does arrive on earth will some how ruin the civilization that is currently inhabiting on the planet? What would they gain with that? What would these aliens look like and what would their lifestyle be like? Would they eat our food, or their own food. Would they want to take over the planet and rule, or just co-exist? You see having questions about things in your life is a good thing. But the questions have to be broad to include all aspects not just rumors from so-called experts or books. The more questions you have the more we can work on narrowing down the actual reality that will present itself.

I want to show you how to bring your knowing of any subject out into the open. Not just an understanding of aliens but an understanding of all situations in your life. I will work with you and together we can come to see a full picture of your life and its many questions. You need to know that you have the answers within you and working on how to bring out that information will help you in your life path – is a must. The key is that we need to work. Because it is all connected like little dots of stars in the sky. Let’s get busy.

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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering – information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy

Jacob talking to friend in his reading: I have had a friend since I was first working at a grocery store…15 years ago. This guy has been a fun and long time pal and yet for the last year he has not spoken to me. I understand he was upset with my choice of divorcing my wife. I miss his friendship and hope to re establish it again but I dont really know where to begin?

Friend to Jacob in reading: Well I feel the rift was more than over your choice to divorce. I think your friend felt you were not able to share yourself in friendship since you were so pre occupied with a variety of things in your life. He has now gone on to have other good friends that give back to him in friendship and holds no ill will toward you.

Jacob to Friend; So you think I should just call him and try to set up a date to meet for a drink or something?

Friend in reading: You know even when men joke around, they do have friendship bonds that are established. You broke your bond with him by ignoring his calls and not spending any time with him even on the phone. Before you call him, I think you need to take some time to look over your life and see what you are willing to give to others. Can you commit to calling a friend on at least a weekly basis and then making an in person time each month?

Friendship is not you and he saying you are friends, its having time to share life with each other. To talk about everyday events and support each other through the different ups and down of life. If you are not able to do that…then it is pointless to try to reopen the friendship.

Jacob: Well I am very busy at work, I have my new girlfriend now and I am just looking for a new place to move. I could not say that I would be calling him on a daily basis or anything and I would be able to join him in a drink now and then. But he is more into sports and works for a printing company so he travels a lot.

Friend; So, he is out of town or on the road for hours each day. He is limited in his time and his friends have to know that he could be tired and only have a few minutes to enjoy some short words a few times a week. That would mean you sending a text to him a few times a week telling him of a funny event in your day and touching base with him by voice once a week. You see you are the one that bowed out of the relationship. Even if you thought he did not agree with your maritial choices, he still was there and you stopped calling him and including him in your life.

There is a time in each man’s life that he has to realize that time is very prescious and how you dole it out during the day is the key. The key to a life is joy and peace so life has to be filled with working, family and community and then add in the spice of good friends and relationships. So the decision is not do you call or not. The decision is do you honor your friend with your friendship and give him time during your days? If that is something that you feel you can do, your friendship will bloom again and you will enjoy the benefits. But if you feel that you can just call each month or when you have an evening free. Don’t bother, that is not a friendship, thats a night free that you can spend with your business clients or work friends to let off steam.

As your life goes forward and more and more life events crop up. Having a friend established in your everyday routine is like having a bar of gold on your shelf. The friend will support you through hard times and wish you well in times of fun and happiness. But you have to make your own mind up about commitment to friendship. Even if you think commitment is a chore you will need it to keep a friend over a long period of time.

You are coming into a time of change for yourself. You are taking on more challenges in your career and starting to think about commitment to a lady again and now thinking about your friend. All of this may feel like walking into a life where you are trapped by responisbility, but I assure you that is not the case. Giving yourself to others in friendship and relationships will only make your life richer. You may not have extra time for naps on the couch, but you will have people around you to share fun, food, events, holidays, support and personal back up. Those are things that come to people who choose to mature with style. But it is a choice and I think you need to ponder over it for a couple days before you call your friend back.

I would also suggest that you write down some things that you want to bring into your life. Just keep an easy journal and at night before you sleep write down a few things you want to accomplish. See where you are after a few days and the choice to add friendships to your already busy life, will show or no show. Always write down not a thing you want, but a feeling you want from your life. Like: Enjoying life with friends, coming home to a house full of love, having someone to share my ideas with and someone to meet and laugh about life. You will have your own words but they help guide you to an answer that really fits who you are, not who you try to be.

Now lets begin with your other questions….

Blessings from Friend –to you on re-establishing friendships – they are always worth the investment of time and energy.

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