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Channeling Friend’s Daily Offering, information taken from Life Readings Channeled through Friend since 1983 and edited for privacy by francy Saunders

It may seem like setting our clocks back an hour is a hopeless way to welcome in spring…but in the long run…that extra sunshine comes along and we are so glad to have the extra time to enjoy it!

There are so many different issues around depression. From the simple down feelings after a long day to the heavy heart and mind over deep depression. What Friend has long shared with us is the importance of finding out what the ‘root’ cause is of those down feelings.

Saying you can ‘work your way’ out of depression, or take medications to relieve the deep dips of depression is easier said than done. There has to be another side to the personal search for a lighter heart and relief from the frustration of the dark obis of long term depression.

Friend does a reading with his clients and they talk about the reason for the depression in the first place. Finding the cause means that the treatment you choose to improve your depression becomes more successful. That cause can be a lot of very small events, or the constant pull from events that have been very big and hurtful in your life. This review and getting down to the beginning of pain and fear is the way that wise life-travelers find their lives have less stress.

This process of life review for those hurtful feelings and events, is in combination of knowing about your own body and what can be done to improve your inside health so the emotional health can take hold and find peace. This step is so important that if you want to schedule a session you can do that here.

The process of combining the emotional and the physical process of getting stronger and well is the key to being a person that finds joy back in their lives.

Here are some other keys to start you on that process of healing:

  • Do something so simple….DRINK water. If you are in stress and your body is producing stressful toxins, your job is to flush them out. If your days are filled with hours of high powered rushing and doing…you need to take time to drink and let those toxins flush out. Even if you can not halt the insanity of your job or your family chaos — you can drink water.
  • Add Vitamin D. Sunshine is not on the top of all of our lists. It takes time to go out the door and sit in the sun and takes time to relax. Not to mention, if your life in an area where the sun is not as high on the list as it is in California or Florida…you need to add Vitamin D to your intake. I started my husband George on 1,000 units of Vitamin D each day and after two months his emotional health was markedly improved. Even his Nurse Practioner noticed on his next visit. It is such an easy thing to do and inexpensive.
  • Breathe fresh air. Even if its on the way from your car park to the office building. Really do some deep breathing on your walk across the parking lot. Breath in with your nose and out with your mouth. Feel your chest fill up with the air and then allow it to slowly push out your mouth. That fresh oxygen will go to your brain; it will perk you up and get you started on your day with a calmer  feeling around you.
  • Take note of the longer days of light. Don’t just go home to a dark room and the TV. Take time to sit outside or stand in front of the door and drink in the sunshine. The light itself will really give you a boost. If you have a day of sunshine, go out to lunch…do a short walk and get as much of the sun as you can absorb. It will really uplift your spirits. If your days are marked with gray days or lots of rainy days…then make sure you turn on lights in your home…so you can feel the brightness.
  • If its a Kindle or a MP3 player take them along with you and allow your mind to have a fun book on the run. Even if it takes a couple of weeks to finish it…let yourself have a way to remove yourself from the pressure around you. Even if it’s for 10 minutes here and there…you will be thinking of a different story than your own life patterns.
  • Write a list of friends you have not connected with in ages. Then appoint a lunch time, each week, to make one call to a dear friend. Take a sandwich to your desk, or grab a few minutes while your kids nap…and make a call. Surprise that old friend and get caught up with their life and share your’s. That re-connect is so important to remind you – you have friends that love you. This allows you to get through a day with fellow employees, boss, or family members that do not seem to appreciate you.
  • Wear color in your wardrobe. If you are a guy, that tie is there to shake up your world…work it with a bright color. If you are a gal; buy that bright yellow hand bag and wear it with pride. Showing your color, means your heart is out there floating free…not caught up in grays, blues and black for days on end.
  • Walk your dog, or throw the ball around with your child. Interaction with those that you care for will fill you with joy. Thinking of other’s needs means you are not thinking of your own worries. You lift yourself up and spend an hour enjoying life.
  • STOP the sugar. You can do it. Remember sugar is in carbs. So that means that rice and white bread give you just as much sugar as a candy bar. Be honest with yourself. You need to remove that sugar so you stop the ups and downs in your behavior and sugar levels. Find snacks that are low in sugar and find fruits or veggies you can take with you to boost your energy without the crash from the sugar.

All of these things are easy to do, but they do take thinking ahead and being prepared to move through your day on a little different path. If you are thinking that depression is becoming a bigger issue in your life. Give some of these small changes a try to help relieve the pressure in your daily coming and goings.

Give the idea of working through personal issues that may be adding to your difficultly fighting the depression in your life. Healing the whole in your life is a process that can bring joy back. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could really enjoy your spring/summer…instead of just getting through it again, this year?

We hope to meet with you in session. Blessings, francy


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