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After 12 years of care giving for my dear Georgie…he passed. I am now living through the changes in my life, day by day. Since Georgie passed in the fall…I thought it wise to share some of my changes as I move towards his Passing Day, on November 1st. 

In a marriage of many years (ours was 32 years together) you move into a dual life. On one hand; I had my partner’s strength and love to carry me though my days. That subtle background strength that George gave to me with his unconditional love was so delicate and sweet. I was always aware of it, but I rarely took note of it. On the other hand; my own high energy gave me the feeling that I was a strong person. I think this is a very normal feeling since each of us experiences life, in the now, in our own minds. So when our partner, friend or family member passes there is an immediate grief…but an ongoing emptiness that overwhelms you depends on the amount of daily energy that person was gifting to you and you – to them.

Today, without George here for me to speak to…to share with…to touch, I feel that life’s current has changed for me. At first I felt the release of my loved one from my life, physically. Then I started to feel the change of my own life’s energy without George’s immediate spiritual presence and his own energy that was gifted with love to me each day. I know these feelings are basically the same for all…but individual levels of separation from the energy that a friend, family member or spouse has with us is unique. My relationship with George was much greater than I realized through the years, we were best friends, business partners, and loving spouses. So all of those connective tissues of life brought deep bonding. Each of those interactive relationships meant gifting energy to each other on different levels…friendship is not like business partner and a business partner is not like marriage partner…so for us…we were in a relationship that was energized on many levels.

You may find that you have lost a Grandma that lives quite far away from you. Your memories of her love and the times you spent with her gives you a hard rip in your heart over her loss. But if that person has not been a dominant part of your life on a consistent basis…the inner core of your daily life’s energy does not take on a huge change. The energy that runs your body, mind and soul on a daily basis is not deeply effected. That means that you, as a loving grand child will heal your grief and find a place for that special grandparent’s memory in your life in a shorter time frame. Yes, sadness will occur…but a feeling of continued grief for a long period of time will not hinder your life.

On the other hand, if your Grandmother has always been a guiding light in your life. If she was someone you grew up with, lived with and imprinted many life changing memories with there is a difference in your grief. The more a person is a daily impact of your inner being and gifts to you love and energy – energy that helps to run your body, mind and spirit…that energy keeps you moving inside your daily life routines. Therefore the more the removal of that person through death makes a mark on your own energy pattern. Does that mean that you loved one type of Grandparent more or less? NO. It means that your daily interactive relationship gives a stronger energy to your own core with one person compared to another.

This under-riding core of energy that each of us have in our lives is the essence of our own life spirit. It matters. To remove a source of this energy in our daily or occasional life pattern makes a big difference. It means that in order for you to stay feeling “safe” and “inline” with your life…you have to make up the difference in energy by producing more of it on your own. By personally increasing your core energy you will fill up the dip that the loss has left in your life. That is where I have been, learning how to adjust my own energy to get stronger within my own self.  George was such a constant supply of love and energy for me…that without him in my life I have had a big hole or drop in energy. This energy does not just mean our body energy, its our spirit energy too. It is now my job to increase my own energy and that takes healing and realizing who I am and walking forward into who I need to be to feel that safety again. It also takes daily routines that re-charge my energy just like exercise re-charges your body. I need to take personal responsibility to increase my own energy to work and live on the same or higher degree to be healthy in both mind and body. I am now aware of this and I am working on many different resources that increase energy for my own mental and healthy core. Not to mention to honor the love and life that George had given to me for all of those years of our joy filled partnership.

TIP: Removing yourself from others a few times a day. Perhaps when you take a bathroom break. Privately doing the ‘three deep breaths’ and taking note of the feeling of re-charging energy through our body and mind. Then remembering to eat small energy snacks of protein every two hours and taking note of reducing exposure to others that tend to drain our own energy…those are just a kick start to the process that Friend individually plans for us… to help re-build after a loss of a loved one. Slowly, our minds and bodies will come together in a stronger form. I know that I now feel the grief lifting and my energy building to stabilize my ability to stay attentive to my own needs. The feeling of being centered again is a relief for me, from the heaviness of my loss. 

Friend can be a steady force in the recovery from loss in your life. You may have lost a job, a home, a friend, a relationship or even a death of a dear person of importance. When that happens the time and actions to help the healing process are assisted by a consultation and re-charging and centering of energy. Friend has many different tasks for us to learn and incorporate in our lives so we can increase our personal energy and feel powerful again. We look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a consultation. Blessings, francy

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fall-wallpaper-20.jpgDear Friend: Everyone talks about their “life’s plan” and I do not know how to find my plan. What do I do to connect with the information to guide me to my real life’s journey?

This is the most popular question with those that come and have consultations with Friend. It is so important to individuals and that makes Friend happy. Happy that they are able to be aware and reach out and work to find the answer.

Each consultation is very private and unique for each student…but what you will find is the way to begin your journey is to connect. To learn simple tips to get yourself quiet and relaxed so your inner voices can be heard. If you are living a path, at this time, that is filled with chaos, upset, discourse or illness the back ground noise of your life is very high.

Very similar to getting a mobile call and having a hard time hearing your friend. Then you ask them…are you using the speaker? Then they change over to private call mode and the call comes in crystal clear. Removing the background noise of your life opens up your ability to hear and pay attention to the guidance that we all receive during our day.

So, let’s review a few examples of the feeling of being guided. First example is early morning rush. Up and arranging life within your home. Maybe over-sleeping to start, or preparing children for their day before you get to prepare yourself. It’s a morning of rush and hurry…a morning of trying to make the world work when you are just waking and hitting the floor. Out you go to the car, kids in the back seat and ready to drive out of the garage. But a feeling of something comes over you…a tap on your shoulder or a ding in your mind that something is not right. No time for inner conversations you pull out of the garage and take off to the school. Then arriving at work, you realize that you were to bring in a report that you had worked on a year ago…and was needed for review on a current project. You kick yourself remembering the feeling or pull…that you had gotten that morning and you ignored it.

That is an example of your inner voice trying to help you…but you were too involved with your life to “hear” the voice. You were not willing to take a moment and review your possible needs for the day when you were sitting there in the car…you just went with your immediate need to be on time and get your day going.

Another example; you are at a party and you meet a person for the first time. You shake their hand, or smile and nod in their direction and go on with a conversation that you are involved in at the moment. Something pulls you about that person, in the back of your mind.  Something is in there for just a moment; have I met them before, do they know someone I know, do they have something in common with me…its just a floating feeling. It comes and goes in an instant. You do not take time to talk to the person and ask them about their day or their life, you continue on with your conversations with friends. A week later, you hear that a new person is coming to be your manager at work. This person is of pivotal importance to your success and you wonder how the change in the management will affect you. The day comes when the new manager walks in the room…and you recognize them from that party you went to weeks before. You kick yourself for not interacting with her when the acquaintance could have been very social and enjoyable, showing your personality in a good and strong light at a party. Now, you will wonder if she felt you snubbed her and if she is in a position of judging you before you even begin your work relationship.

Last example; your child has just displayed some really angry behavior and you are tired and over-stressed from your day. Instead of taking time and talking to your child about how that behavior hurt the feelings of one of their friends…you choose to simply give the child a quick look of dread and ask them to go to their room to cool down. A few days later,  you get a call from the child’s teacher leaving a message on your phone. Your child has displayed unkind and angry behavior at school and you are being asked to come and get your child and have a meeting with the school counselor. You instantly remember that you had not followed through with your child’s angry behavior a few days before and you know that lead to this unfortunate outcome. The inner voices, are they really not there or are you ignoring them?

Listening to your own inner voices…those voices that guide you and help you make life decisions that push you on to a path of action that is healthy, prosperous and enjoyable – those are the voices that you need to learn to listen to and be open to their wisdom. Trusting in your own abilities to find the right path in your life…starts with you listening. When you work with Friend, he gives you ideas and practices that bring you back into alignment with a life that is in-focus and intune…instead of a life that is always fighting against the tide.

Tip: Before your feet hit the ground in the morning…take three extreme deep breaths. In with the noise until your stomach rises and out with the mouth. This clears your brain and refreshes it with oxygen so you begin your day with a moment of calm to hear your inner voice and begin with a clear view of the day ahead.

We look forward to working with you in your own private consultation. Friend, works with you on your life challenges and your life questions. Blessings on your day…francy

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