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A two day Smoothie Cleanse to honor Health and Unity’s World Day of Prayer -from francy and friend

Smoothie DayTWO DAY – Smoothie Cleanse To Honor
Our own Health and World Day of Prayer

  Hello Everyone –  Are you ready?

 Here is Our Plan of Action:  We will all go and do our shopping for fresh fruit and veggies. If we do not have a blender we will buy some” all organic” smoothies (Pre-made either from a high end grocery market or a health store.)


Audio Attachments will be sent under separate cover email. Free to download and help you with your two day adventure — as a thank you, for joining us…just make sure you leave a message in the comment section so francy can email the information to you…thanks!

Check Off List:

  • Remember we want to stay away from adding sugar, or dairy. You can use fruit to sweeten and Almond Milk if you need to use protein powder.
  • You will use your favorite smoothie drink. Or…go and look up a few smoothie recipes and I have a site here for you that does this sort of thing all the time Click Here for Easy Beginner’s Smoothie Recipe
  • You will add drinking water, on top of the smoothies, make it well filtered water. You always want a thin slice of lemon in your water and you will be sipping on it all day. I like to use a crystal water glass and many like the fun “to go” glass water containers.
  • Your smoothies are either fruit, veggie, protein mix or a combo. You can choose 3 – 5 smoothies a day to keep you feeling strong. This is your Smoothie Fast so it’s up to you to adjust to what sounds right for your body.
  • You will also put some colon cleansing power in one of the smoothies each day to clean out your colon. Plus, drink more water after you take that colon drink! (You can find colon cleanse powder  in health stores or health departments of large box stores- you simply add a spoon full into your smoothie and drink water after the smoothie to flush all the toxins out of your system)
  • No food, soda drinks, gum, candy, breath mints…zippo…nothing…but your pure smoothies and water.
  • You can add tea to the mix…not coffee for two days. The tea is either Ginger or Green tea. That will flush you out and pull out toxins and extra water. I drink my tea in the evening and it relaxes me. (no sugar or dairy in any of your smoothies or tea drinks)
  • This is a two day Smoothie fast and because you are drinking a lot and flushing a lot…you will want to take a shower in the morning and maybe a luxury “40 min Epson salt bath” in the evening so your skin stays clean and clear.
  • You will also want to take it easy. These two days are not to be high impact performance days. Go about your normal duties…but be gentle on yourself. It’s just two days of a cleanse and then you can slowly get back to eating healthy and making the Fall a time to enjoy!

The two different meditation audios have been made to help you get into your health on Wednesday the 10th of September and join in World Day of Prayer on September 11. If you are not on our email listing please send a comment to francy and ask for the FREE Audio Guided Meditation sessions “include your name and email” and they will be sent over to you. francy

 Health & Smoothie Day – Wednesday Sept 10th

Friend has asked all of us to take time a couple times a year to review our health. We are so busy that this process is often ignored until something hits us and we have to deal with it…in emergency.

Our goal is to flush our bodies and then just listen. Listen to our body’s rhythm and hear our inner voice telling us what could be out of place. Friend has done an Audio Tape for you to listen to and review your health in a guided meditation on this day.  He is also asking you to use this day to make appointments for testing that may be needed. If you know you need a breast exam, or colon exam…this is the time to pick up the phone and make the appointment. If you have put off a blood test for diabetes, or an adjustment at the chiropractor this is the day to call and get it on your calendar. If you feel that you want to top off the fast…then  Click Here to make an appointment with Friend for a personal health reading.

You will see the guided health meditation tape will take you on a journey within your body so you can wake and feel refreshed and informed about the workings of your mind, body and spirit.

Join in Unity and Thousands of Others for “World Day of Prayer”


World day of prayerIf you are a Student of Friend, you understand the power of joining with others to create energy for healing and intent work. Our Students of the Energy Table © and Tri-Intent Groups © have such wonderful stories to share… joined prayer is understood because we live it, unlimited!

But if you have always found the concept of a higher power hard to follow…you will enjoy hearing “science” has found that the use of just over 11,000 people – concentrating on any issue, together – is able to be recorded on a special worldwide network of computers. These computers are designed for following trends, events and actually read the intensity of the public on the outcome of world events and issues.

This is why we understand the power of joining with thousands of others who will be using Thursday, September 11, 2014 as a day to honor World Day of Prayer. Friend has prepared an audio file for you to use. This is another guided meditation that will take you through the process of joining your mind, heart and spirit to the world group in prayer. I know you will find this day calming and enriching. To think that you…actually did something to calm the planet, heal your family, gather your country together and infuse wellness and an unlimited love of light,  in all things.

Remember this is also our second day of Smootie Cleanse…you will want to make your smoothies for the day…add in the colon cleanse and the drink the extra water. This is our last day of the Cleanse…it was a short one to get you to experience the process. You have had time to get quiet and hear your inner voice and think on your health…you have had the pleasure of joining others for loving prayer/meditation on the “Let the light shine.” for the whole planet and now…you can go forward with a fresh outlook on your own life and your relation to others.

We as a group will continue our Smoothie Fasting on Thursday and dedicate a time to be quiet and connect to thousands of others with our energy till it grows into a ball of white light of love over the planet.

Please click the join button on the right and you will receive our blogs as they are written…thank you, francy


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